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Welcome. I'm "Fin Collins", the artist of the "Film Icons Gallery",. I have been painting since I was 5 years old. The first artist I loved was "Tamara de Lempicka". I used to ask galleries did they know her work. To me, she was the woman who painted curls like sheered chocolate, blocks of tones beautifully executed on canvas. I also like "Edward Hopper", "Norman Rockwell",and "Jack Vettriano",. I grew up by the sea and there were corn fields. It was a golden childhood. I love peoples faces and moments and the smell and feel of paint. Film is a passion of mine. I am very interested in the directors, actors and the crew who make movies happen. I am fascinated with the golden era of cinema and that is what THE FILM ICONS GALLERY is all about, capturing a selection of the iconic legends of cinema as I see them. I love to work, but it never feels like work because I love what I do.

Original Prints of all the near 200 paintings in this gallery are available to buy, just drop me an email, or write in the Guestbook, or contact me whatever way suits you,

Thanks for dropping by,

 Hope you enjoy the gallery!


The two images below are from the "Irish Pirate Film", "Irish Feature Film", "Grainne Uaile the Movie",about the "Irish Pirate Queen", "Grainne Uaile", or "Grace O'Malley", "The Feature Film", "Grainne Uaile", "The Irish Independent film", was shot in locations all over "Ireland",It was produced by "Loose Gripp Films", and the casting was by "Irish Showreels", , It was written and directed by "Ciaron Davies",

   "Irish Pirates", "Grainne Uaile","Grainne Uaile The Movie", "Actress", "Fin Collins","Fionnuala Collins", "Pirates", 

 "Pirates", "Grace O'Malley", "Grainne Uaile", "Pirate Queen", "Fionnuala Collins",

"Fin Collins", "actress", "actresses", "actor", "actors", "artist",

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